Bay Area Under Serious Flood Watch With Major Incoming Atmospheric River Event


The San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento are under flood watch as of Wednesday, March 8, as a major atmospheric river event is predicted to slam Northern California. Torrential rain is expected to slam San Francisco, Sacramento, Monterey, Big Sur, and other surrounding areas, only a few days after massive amounts of snow bombarded the area last week.

“The combination of heavy rain and snowmelt may lead to flooding,” the Weather Prediction Center tweeted ahead of the storm, which is expected to start on Thursday, March 9, bringing up to 4 inches of rain to some affected areas. “Creeks and streams in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada will be most vulnerable to flooding from rain and snowmelt.”

Authorities worry that the large amounts of rain — combined with the previously fallen snow — will cause several roofs to collapse.

“Affected communities are urged to remove the existing snow from their roofs to mitigate this,” the Weather Prediction Agency also announced to affected communities via CNN, urging people to prepare accordingly for the incoming storm.