DOD funds American Engineering Group, founded by Abraham Pannikottu, a native of Kerala.

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The Department of Defense has given the Abraham Pannikottu-founded American Engineering Group, a business with headquarters in Akron, Ohio, a contract to produce specialized next-generation tires.

The CEO of AEG is Pannikottu, a polymer researcher and businessman from Puramattom, Pathanamthitta District. According to a press release from the firm, $5 million in extra appropriations were included in the $782 billion national defense spending package to handle the Ukraine issue and support the production of Pressure Zero Army Tires, a next-generation technology that AEG specializes in.

According to the press release, the advancement of this manufacturing technique will replace the military tires’ current run-flat inserts for both manned and unmanned autonomous vehicles.

“AEG is finally ready to begin production after years of meticulous planning and lab tire testing, with the first pressure “Zero” tire being delivered in 2023. The news statement quotes Pannikottu as adding, “AEG has traveled a long, two-decade journey to bring this military tire from concept to reality.

The project has received a lot of interest since it represents American Engineering Group’s entry into the Akron, Ohio, market for military tires. According to the press release, the Zero Pressure Tire is also representative of the current innovation among small engineering firms for U.S. defense.

Roadside bombs or gunshots damage the carbon fiber tire, but it nevertheless keeps rolling.The weight requirements for defense vehicles have escalated to the point where the current tires cannot handle them.