Elon Musk launches own AI company


The CEO of Twitter and the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has launched a brand-new artificial intelligence firm named X.AI Corp. This is in light of Musk’s suggested guidelines for creating an “everything app” dubbed “X” as well as his official rebranding of Twitter as X Corp.  

Musk was named a director of the AI start-up, which was established in Nevada on March 9. His Neuralink company’s CEO Jared Birchall, a former executive at Morgan Stanley, has been appointed as secretary.   

The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times cited sources that said OpenAI, the creator of the widely used AI-based chat programme ChatGPT, will be a competitor to this new entrant.  X.AI Corp. will also make a bid to take on OpenAI. 

Elon helped launch OpenAI in 2015, but three years later he left the organisation’s board of directors and grew sceptical of it, saying it had become a “closed source maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.” 

Musk is rumoured to have put together a team of researchers and software developers for the project and “secured thousands of high-powered GPU processors,” according to the Financial Times, even though he has not made his plans public for the AI industry. 

The name of the new company continues the grand theme of ‘X’ that appears throughout several of Musk’s endeavours; earlier this week, he rebranded Twitter Inc. as “X Corp.”