Elon Musk names Linda Yaccarino as new Twitter CEO


Former Twitter CEO, Elon Musk has named Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter.

Musk named her the new CEO just six months after taking over Twitter and firing its top executives. Linda Yaccarino is the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal and headed the business operations at the company which was struggling to make money. Musk will remain involved as the executive chairman and chief technology officer for Twitter.

Musk confirmed Linda’s appointment as the new CEO by posting on Twitter “As soon as @LindaYacc is ready, we will do a Spaces where you can ask us anything”. He also posted a Tweet saying that he was looking forward to working with Linda to transform the platform into X, an everything app. Musk has not yet revealed what he means by “X, the everything app,” but he may be referring to a platform that is more than just a social media site. Twitter could become a place where people can do everything, from shopping to banking to watching videos.

Yaacarino is one of the women who head Fortune 500 companies and has been rising steadily through the ranks of some of America’s biggest media companies, said BBC in a report.