India slams Pakistan for raking Kashmir issue in UN


Slamming Pakistan after it raised the Jammu and Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council, India strongly condemned the action, asserting that a country that sheltered slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and attacked a neighboring Parliament does not have the credentials to “sermonize” in the power UN organization.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated that the UN’s legitimacy is dependent on its effective response to today’s critical concerns as pandemics, climate change, wars, and terrorism.

“We are obviously focused today on the urgency of reforming multilateralism. We will naturally have our particular views, but there is a growing convergence that this cannot be delayed any further, Jaishankar, who is chairing India’s signature event on reformed multilateralism, as quoted by the news agency PTI said.

“While we search for the best solutions, our discourse must never accept the normalization of such threats. The question of justifying what the world regards as unacceptable should not even arise. That certainly applies to state sponsorship of cross-border terrorism. Nor can hosting Osama bin Laden and attacking a neighboring Parliament serve as credentials to sermonize before this Council,” he added.