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NRI Today – The Magazine for Non-Resident Indians, We bring insightful articles on the works of Indian businessmen, IT professionals, musicians.. since August, 1994 founded by Venugopal.

They came, they worked, and they struggled and faced the challenges of new land, to build a prominent place in, not only America but the world. There is no field today in U.S. that has been left untouched by NRIs.

Today, Indian Americans are represented in diverse fields, including academics and entrepreneurship, medicine, science and technology, law, engineering, arts and culture. Additionally, Indian Americans are now emerging as a formidable force in the US political arena due to their fund-raising prowess, a fact that has not gone unnoticed in the international media, and of which, Bobby Jindal, the only Indian American to be elected as Louisiana’s Governor, is a testimony.

NRI Today showcases not only the success stories of individuals, but also focuses on those who are still pursuing the American Dream against all odds – their challenges and efforts to remain true to their culture and religious identity, while at the same time assimilating into the American culture.

Some of the successes of Indian immigrants in this land of opportunities are inspiring and courageous, while others are pioneering in nature, and deserve to be told, in all their trials and tribulations.

NRI Today with succinct news, views and in-depth features chronicles the strides made by Indian Americans in varied fields because of their drive, determination and innovations but also seeks to articulate the community’s aspirations and perspectives.

Established in 1994, NRI Today aims to portray that the immigrants from India have the clout, specialization and business abilities to reach the sky. It strives to bring the collective Indian-American voice to the forefront.

Every month, we bring insightful articles on the works of Indian businessmen, IT professionals, musicians and performing artists in the United States. We have well-known writers, academicians, scholars, journalists who contribute regularly to our editorial pages along with a dedicated professional team, both in India and the US.

NRI Today is fast becoming a household name and boasts of a very affluent customer base. Our readers include a broad spectrum of Indian-Americans such as businessmen, doctors, engineers, attorneys and young people.

NRI Today 1994
NRI Today First Magazine, August 1994