Philadelphia residents scramble for bottled water after chemical spill


Many Philadelphia residents scrambled to buy bottled water from quickly emptying grocery store shelves, with leaders initially recommending that residents use bottled water as a precaution starting Sunday at 2 pm.  

On Monday, officials reiterated advice that residents should have three days of water on hand as a precaution in case contaminants were discovered in the city’s supply. The mayor recommended filling bottles and pitchers with tap water. 

An estimated 8100 gallons of a water-soluble acrylic polymer solution was released into the Delaware River outside Philadelphia late Friday night, just a few miles upstream of a key intake for the city’s Baxter water treatment plant. The spill was the result of an “equipment failure” at a Trinseo PLC plant that makes acrylic resins, the owner said. 

The city however maintains that no contaminants have been found in any of Philadelphia’s water after Friday’s spill.