Prakash Jha starrer ‘Highway Night’ shortlisted by Academy Awards


The short film ‘Highway Night’, which stars actor-director Prakash Jha has been shortlisted and is under consideration for selection by the Academy Awards. The film, directed by Shubham Singh, sees Prakash Jha essaying the role of a truck driver named Seetaram, who on a particular night picks up a sex worker called Manju from the highway one fine night.

During the journey, they strike up a conversation. An unusual bond develops between them by the time it is morning, Seetaram feels a paternal affection for Manju.

The film is inspired by the true history of the Bachhada tribe in Madhya Pradesh and showcases how women are mistreated and thrown into the vicious circle of flesh trade in remote regions of India.

Shubham added, “After my in-depth research, I discovered Banchhada tribe, where, traditionally, males of the family don’t opt for any work, but they deploy the females of the family into sex trade. A legally prohibited practice in India was the whole and sole mode of income for the entire community.”