Prince William meets President Joe Biden In an effort to promote climate action

Global Affairs News

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth in September and after receiving their new titles as Prince and Princess of Wales, William and his wife, Kate, embarked on their first international tour on Wednesday. On Friday, as part of a multi-day trip by British royals to the United States to promote initiatives to address global environmental concerns, Prince William greeted U.S. President Joe Biden at the waterfront in Boston.

William and Biden met on the harbor in Boston on a chilly Friday afternoon. Before their private meeting at the John F. Kennedy Library, the two took a quick stroll. According to White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, the two were scheduled to discuss “common climate goals” and “prioritization of mental health concerns” among other things.

William will present the Earthshot Prize, which was created by him to honor those tackling climate change, later on Friday. In an opinion post that appeared in The Huffington Post, William stated, “We want to show what we can all do to assist put the world on a road towards a stable climate, where communities, environment, and seas thrive in harmony.”

The royal couple last traveled to the country in November 2014, when they were invited to the White House by then-President Barack Obama.