Priyanka Chopra Offers VIP Seats To Elderly Cancer Patient at Jonas Brothers Concert


Priyanka Chopra attended Jonas Brothers’ Las Vegas concert on Sunday. While the big night is making the headlines, a Jonas fan shared an account of Chopra’s super sweet gestures for her mom, who is a cancer patient, during the concert. 

A Twitter user by the name of Lisa Dawn shared an incident in which she detailed how Priyanka Chopra noticed her mom, (who is a cancer patient), and asked them to take VIP seats at the concert. She shared a video of their view from the concert, along with a long note. 

“So, I bought these tickets for my mom for Christmas, because yes, my mother loves the JoBros too. (JoBros are for EVERYONE.) We ended up in the row in front of the VIP section, and Priyanka walked by us when she arrived to head to her VIP section. So were away from her, but directly in her line of sight. I’m not entirely sure what sparked this all. But, as many of you know, my mom has been battling cancer for 3 years, and she currently has a freshly shaved head. And while she rocks that bald head, it’s clear that it’s from chemo and not just because she wanted to be cool and shave her head. So I’m sure Priyanka picked up on that and noticed that we had to stand a lot to see over the people in front of us, and mom had to keep sitting because she can’t stand for long periods of time. (I know Priyanka’s dad passed from cancer, so I’m sure she relates.),”Lisa noted. 

She added, “But, anyway, we were maybe 30-35 minutes into the show, and the tour staff that accompanying her came over to us and asked if we wanted to come up to sit with them. And we were like, “WHAT???” and he was basically like, “Mrs. Jonas would like you to come up here. So… we did. Once we were settled in our seats, she immediately came over and introduced herself (as if we needed any intro) and we introduced ourselves back. She was SO sweet, and was like, if you need anything get it (drinks, food, etc.), just enjoy the rest of the show. The show was incredible, and the view from VIP cannot be beaten. It meant that my mom could sit in comfort for the rest of the show and still see everything with no one in her way. (When you’re battling cancer, any extra bit of comfort is honestly so important.).” 

Lisa ended the note with words of gratitude for Priyanka and her kind gestures at the concert. “When it was getting close to the end and Priyanka had to leave, she came back over and gave us a bundle of merchandise (sweatshirts and hats), then hugged my mom and me both and talked again for a moment. I know we thanked her profusely in the moment, but I hope she understands just how special that night was. I will never forget it,” wrote Lisa.