Indian family found dead while trying to cross US-Canada border illegally


Six people from two families — one of Romanian descent with Canadian passports, the other from India — were found dead in a marsh near the Canada-US border after trying to cross illegally into the United States, police said Friday.  

Their bodies were discovered late Thursday near a capsized boat belonging to a missing man from the Akwesasne Mohawk community, local deputy police chief Lee-Ann O’Brien told a news conference.  

“The six individuals are believed to be from two families, one of Romanian descent and the other believed to be citizens of India,” she said, adding that they include five adults and one child under the age of three.  

“All are believed to have been attempting illegal entry into the US from Canada,” she said.  

O’Brien added that a second infant whose passport was recovered from one of the bodies appears to also be missing and police dive teams were continuing to search.  

The Mohawk tribal territory straddles the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and the US state of New York.  

The first body was found during an aerial search of the area.  

Authorities are waiting on autopsy as well as toxicology test results to determine the cause of death.  

O’Brien noted a recent “increase in people passing through Akwesasne gaining entry into the US,” with 48 crossings since the start of the year.  

Once landing on the US side, they are typically picked up on shore and transported by vehicle into New York State, she said.