Rapper Ye Suspended from Twitter


Thursday, after making antisemitic remarks and praising Hitler, the rapper Ye was suspended from Twitter.

Early Friday morning, the account for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, said “account suspended.”

Thursday night, a message on Ye’s Twitter account appeared to display a swastika within a Star of David, prompting Twitter owner Elon Musk to announce the account’s suspension. Twitter then blocked the post for breaking its guidelines.

Musk stated on the network that his account was suspended “for inciting violence.” The duration of the ban was initially unclear.

Ye was suspended almost one month after Musk, who has defined himself as a “free speech absolutist,” purchased Twitter for $44 billion.

Ye sat down for an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday morning, during which he made antisemitic remarks, referred to “the Jewish media,” and stated, “I also see positive qualities in Hitler.”

Ye sported a full-face black mask for the interview. Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist, was on the livestreamed program as well.