Family of the Texas businessman killed by cops said he was defending his home and that he did nothing wrong.


Rajan Moonesinghe was shot by Austin police on November 15 as he was holding a rifle on his front porch. His family claimed to that he believed his home had been burglarized and that authorities had not given them enough notice. Before being tragically shot by police last month in Texas, a computer entrepreneur wasn’t given enough time to drop a gun he was holding on his own front porch, according to his distraught family.

After returning from a trip, Rajan “Raj” Moonesinghe, 33, believed his house had been broken into early on November 15. When an Austin police officer saw him holding a rifle outside his front door, he shot him rapidly and nearly simultaneously ordered Moonesinghe to put the gun down, according to family members. Moonesinghe’s mother, Ruth, and brother, Johann, said they are devastated and want answers from Austin police about why their loved one was killed so fast before being given a decent amount of time to drop the weapon in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

Johann Moonesinghe affirmed, “He didn’t do anything wrong. “He had a gun, but he didn’t point it because he was protecting his home. He wasn’t intimidating. He didn’t appear as though he was about to shoot anyone. Moonesinghe claimed that his brother purchased a weapon for self-defense and that there had been recent crimes in the neighborhood.

He said, “I suspect something’s been moved around my house,” when he called his pal. There is an unusual development. Ruth Moonesinghe called her son, who is also the co-founder of a company that provides restaurant advice, “an great gift” to her and many others. “All I wanted to do was hold him and tell him I loved him. I appreciate you being this incredible gift I have, she said. Just sad, I guess. That shouldn’t have happened to him, therefore I wasn’t there. According to a statement from Austin police, the fatal gunshot happened around 12:30 a.m.

According to them, a 911 caller reported that a man was walking down the street while brandishing a weapon while wearing a grey robe and dark leggings. According to authorities, the caller also claimed that the man was aiming his weapon at the inside of his house. The caller continued by saying that the man had just fired into his own house. The caller claimed that police were on the scene when the suspect allegedly opened fire once more.

The officer who shot at Moonesinghe was identified by police as Daniel Sanchez, who is currently on administrative leave. “Officer Sanchez was the first person to notice Mr. Moonesinghe, and he verbally ordered him to put down the gun. Officer Sanchez shot Mr. Moonesinghe with his department-approved gun as soon as he was instructed to put down the weapon by Mr. Moonesinghe. After being struck, Mr. Moonesinghe collapsed, according to the authorities.

At first, two additional cops came to the call. After being shot, one of those cops demanded that Moonesinghe display his hands. According to police, “the cops immediately started life-saving efforts.” Police claimed Moonesinghe passed away at a nearby hospital.

According to the police, Sanchez has worked for the department for two years and nine months. Two inquiries into the incident, according to them, are still open. One is a criminal investigation being conducted by the Special Investigations Unit of the department in coordination with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. The second is an administrative inquiry carried out by the Internal Affairs Unit of the department under the direction of the Office of Police Oversight.

On Friday, Sanchez could not be reached for comment right away. Sanchez followed police policy, according to a statement from attorneys with the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, or CLEAT.