Woman loses $10 million of her company’s money partying at Las Vegas casino


A woman has been accused of blowing $10 million of her company’s money to party at a Las Vegas casino. 

Sara Jacqueline King, from Orange County in California, US, was working as a lawyer for LDR International Limited, a lending company in the British Virgin Islands when she allegedly used the company’s funds for her own personal use. 

The company has filed a lawsuit against the employee after she used the money to live “an extravagant lifestyle” at the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The company alleged that the lawyer lived at the club resort for an extensive period of time and “gambled 24/7”. They cited breach of a written contract, fraud, and civil theft as the reasons for the lawsuit. 

LDR claims that it extended a series of loans to King Lending between January and October 2022 and the funds were to be provided to third-party borrowers. 

King has reportedly provided evidence that she only has $11.98 to her name. As of February 9, 2023, she is still sending false contracts to the plaintiff and its agents. 

“King claims she has spent all of the funds and has no money left to her name,” the lawsuit said. 

The lawsuit also claims that King’s ex-husband has fled to Morocco, suggesting that he was allegedly involved in the fraud against LDR. 

However, he is not named as a party in the lawsuit. 

King has 20 days to respond, and a future court date is still to be decided.