Global Affairs

Qatar’s Emir has officially opened the Qatar Economic Forum 2021, which will focus on global leadership and strategies to support post-pandemic economic growth. The three-day virtual event held in co-operation with Bloomberg under the slogan “New Horizons for Tomorrow” began on Monday(21st June 2021) and will bring together more than 100 world leaders, diplomats, and businessmen.

The forum’s agenda is spread across six main themes, including ❖ A Sustainable World– explores the intersection of capitalism and the climate.❖ Markets and Investment– explores the ability of investors to pursue growth opportunities that will help shape a more resilient global economy.

Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani told the Qatar Economic Forum that, he plans to replace every unit under his refining-to-retail group as Reliance Industries Ltd(RIL) aims to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.

The RIL chairman and managing director said “We have no option as a society, as a business, but to really adopt a sustainable business model,” at the start of the three-day Qatar Economic Forum. Sustainability is a prerequisite for every business to survive, and this means transforming businesses, the billionaire businessman added.

“Achieving a cleaner planet can be done by making CO2 as a recyclable resource, rather than treating it as an emitted waste. We have already made substantial progress on photosynthetic biological pathways to convert our CO2 emissions at Jamnagar into high-value proteins, nutraceuticals, advanced materials and fuels,” he had said.
RIL also plans to develop next-gen carbon capture and storage technologies. It is evaluating novel catalytic and electrochemical transformations to use CO2 as a valuable feedstock.